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OSintering open surface porous high flux pipe and high flux exchanger standardization and serialization

Application: widely used in petroleum, chemical, oil refining, fine chemical and industrial air conditioning and other industries.

Advantages: double strengthening heat transfer, in thermal efficiency is greatly improved, and at the same time, improve heat exchange equipment

performance of scale inhibitors.


                                 three kinds of high flux tubes


                 Outside surface(copper, steel, and copper-nickel alloy)



                                 Inner side                     inner side+outside                       U tube


Specification: diameter over 14mm for the outside surface, and over25mm for the inner side surface, the maximum length for one tube is 16000mm.

The two main kinds(Fixed tube-sheet and U type tube heat exchanger) high flux heat exchangers are broad used in CNPC, CPCC and CNOOC equipments. 


OHigh efficiency of the spiral baffle plate heat exchanger of standardization and serialization: widely used in petroleum, chemical, oil refining and chemical industry, etc

OHigh efficiency spiral plate heat exchanger; Mainly used in the new energy system of biomass ethanol, in high thermal efficiency, can be cleaned.

Olarge-scale and series  of film evaporator introduction: mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

  O Falling Film Evaporator Develop.

  O Nuclear Waste Recovery System :used for nuclear power plant.

  O Reactor sets: used for maleic anhydride, crylic acid, ethylene oxide, crude benzene hydrogenation, ethylene, methane chloride plants etc.


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